Flint and Associates

Without a doubt, tax planning and preparation are the services that take of most of our time at Flint & Associates. We spend a great deal of focus and effort to recording, reviewing and completing annual and quarterly forms. We’re tax professionals who understand your business is about more than what happens between 7 am and 7pm. Its about your life.

But in our opinion, its more than just paperwork. All of that activity is created by our understanding of the you, the client. YOUR intentions, YOUR goals and YOUR activity are all for a purpose. Whether your goal is to grow your business by 25% this year, ensuring your employees are taken care of or a 5-year-succession-plan, Flint & Associates start by understanding YOU.

For many small business owners, you may not even know where to begin. Your previous tax professional was someone in the “big-box-tax-game”. You visited them once every year with a box of receipts, and it was painful. (For many of the people working in those offices, it was their second job.) Or a similar scenario with a full-time CPA. But he or she never really asked what your plans are or what you wanted to accomplish. Flint & Associates understands that many big businesses start small. The majority of our work is in multi-state, multi-location. We understand business.

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